An introduction would be nice, I guess :)

Hello world! I’m Cati!

I’ve been sewing more “seriously” for about 3 years now. Of course before that, I was already doing some “stuff” like crochet, knitting, embroidery and some small sewing. Only recently I decided to make my own clothes. And why is that? Because I got tired of being forced to follow fashions that I don’t really feel connected to, and mainly because how cool is that you can ACTUALLY make your own clothes?!? Right?!? 😀

I’m self taught, never had proper lessons in my life (youtube tutorials don’t count eheh). Even so I come from a long line of tailors (all the way from my great grandfather) as a kid I didn’t show much interest in sewing (I was more interested in fantasy books and climbing trees), so I guess they gave up on passing me the “family business”.

But now for the very first time I bought some Patterns to follow and so I decide to make this sewing blog to follow along my experience. I’ll try to make at least 2 pieces per month, I’ll be working all Summer so I guess this is a reasonable goal (hope so…)